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Enjoy Life at Day Care

July 4th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

If you work during the day and worry that your parents are alone at home, Nevada Adult Day Care is the answer.

Adults can have a safe environment, a place where they can be entertained and meet people.

Just think of everything that senior residential communities offer, but at Nevada Adult Day Care you can go home at night!

Chris Vito, Nevada Adult Day Care, President & Chief Executive officer, explains, “We strive to stimulate, educate, socialize, and exercise our clients.

A lot of clients were almost stoic because they just sat around their home watching television.

It is a healthy environment when people have the opportunity to meet others of the same age and interact with each other.

There is so much for them to do all day.

We have a special room for card games and bingo to stimulate their minds with mental exercises.

Different activities are  scheduled every hour with alternatives if a client wishes.

Our preventive program includes checking blood pressure, blood sugar and medication management to be certain if the doctor says the medicine should be taken at 9 am and 2 pm that is exactly when our client will receive the medicine.

Each client’s health is monitored daily. With three RN’s, LPN’s, a rehabilitation nurse, licensed occupational speech therapist, and our Director of Nursing, Christina Vito, we are ready for emergencies. Christina previously took care of open heart surgery patients and emergency medicine.

This should give the client’s families peace of mind while they are working during the day.

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Enjoy Life at Day Care (Continued)

A nourishing breakfast, Lunch, and afternoon snacks are served from 6 am- 6pm.

Our menus have been approved by registered dietitians using USDA nutritional guidelines.

The Nevada Adult Day Care invites the public to take a free tour, join the activities, and have lunch.

Spend a few hours to meet the people.

Some of the clients are former showgirls, judges, war heroes, actors, and had other interesting occupations.

You will be surprised all of the fun awaiting clients.

The client?s ages run from 45 to 104 years old.

We have three levels of care.

The first level is for high functioning, independent clients.

Level two assists those who need some help with changing diapers, the toilet, tube feeding, or are mildly forgettable.

The third level works with the mentally challenged 18 and older.   

Cathy Osmond, Director of Marketing, arranges for free grants and Medicade approval with no cost to you.

"Our adult day care is cheaper than nursing homes, assisted living, or private nurses. 

It only costs from $60-70 day, for 12 hours, including food, medical supervision, exercise, and activities.

Clients are picked up and returned to their homes for $3 each way.

The van?s drivers are trained in CPR and have communication in case it is needed.  

You can live life and not be alone.

Nevada Adult Day Care strives to provide seniors independence.

Three locations:

2000 and 2008 South Jones, Sahara and Jones;

330 North 13th Street; 

For information, call 319-4600.

LISTEN to their Las Vegas Today Show Radio Program-   See Navigation Bar, PODCASTS - HEALTH AND LIFESTYLES.