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Have Needle, Will Sew!

July 11th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Sew-lutions makes sewing easy!  Sew-lutions is like solutions but with sewing solutions.  Deborah Miklosko, the owner of Sew-lutions, offers suggestions to help her clients brighten up their accessories, to learn special embroidery techniques, quilting designs, and much more. Create personalized gifts they will always remember or sew 3-Dimensional beaded multiple flower pedals on a jacket or purse.

The ancient art of quilting began in Egypt, continued through the Middle Ages, and was very popular during the time of the early colonial settlers in the United States.

The art of embroidery, or intricate needlework, also has ancient origins. I am always amazed at the beautiful embroidered designs that are displayed in clothing and linen around the world. Some embroidery techniques were adapted from ancient Chinese paintings.

With the bad economy, this is the reasonable way to make your own creations. Your clothes could have the colors, size, and decorations exactly the way you want them.

They offer beginning sewing classes to assist in providing a foundation for learning the basics of how to sew and getting acquainted with the sewing machine.

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Have Needle Will Sew (Continued)

Deborah explains, "We have a sewing class for beginners demonstrating how to make a simple three piece pillow case. The next class teaches how to make an apron with a watermelon pocket.

The third level class demonstrates placing a zipper and seams in a child's dress."

It's not all basic beginning lessons. From the beginner's starting point, clients can learn step-by-step and move up to the intermediate and advanced classes or improve their skills. Deborah designs elaborate christening gowns with lace- to- lace panels that take over 72 hours to complete.   

UFO Sundays doesn't have anything to do with aliens. You join the fun from 1-3 pm, when everyone brings their unfinished objects and machines (or use theirs) to the FREE get together.

The Kid's Clubhouse Camp Pajama Party includes five days of classes, from 9:30 am- 12 pm. Kids learn how to use the sewing machine and can make a pillowcase, backpack, zippered bag, decorative bag, and owl pillow.  

Even I may be able to learn at Sew-Lutions! I like the machine that is set to a program which does all the embroidery for me.    

Their different sewing machines range from the simple entry-level style to the latest cutting-edge-technology for embroidery, quilting, and professional work. Free sewing lessons are included when you purchase any sewing machine.

Deborah would be happy to discuss how to open sewing businesses.    

Special Embroidery Events: Michelle's Designs, September 10 &11; John Deere, January 13 & 14.

(Photo: Watermelon Apron and Child's Dress)

When you visit Sew-lutions, look at the wall hangings, the quilts, embroidered designs, and jackets. These are samples of the type of things you can do for babies, gifts, and all occasions. They even have a selection of Koala Furniture with expanding shelves and desks.

For information, call 331-2210. Sew-lutions is located at 7500 West Lake Mead, Suite #3, Buffalo.