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A Dinner can become a Feast

November 4th, 2011 • by admin


Gaviotas Restaurant inside the Sheraton Buganvilias Resort

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman ) 

When we arrived at Gaviotas Restaurant, their setting was startling. Just a few steps from the beach and beautiful Bandaras Bay, Gaviotas was the perfect place to watch the sunset. As we walked in, the atmosphere had touches of elegance with their unique mega- man-sized candles created by overlapping melted candles into an enormous base to place smaller candles. The pianist played ballads and love songs to set the mood. We were already beginning to enjoy ourselves.

Man-Sized Candles made with overlaping melted wax for a Giant Candle Holder

Gaviotas is truly everything you would want in a gourmet restaurant. Instead of simply ordering an appetizer, entrée and dessert from the menu, Roberto Cortez Rosendiz, Maitre Sommelier, and Executive Chef Roberto Alcaraz Linares, created a special five- course menu which provided a sampling of several dishes paired with international wines. What a feast!

You can eat the tree, branches, flowers and cakes!

Sommelier Roberto presented the first course their False Ravioli included scallops, mango, vinegar, Chile and lime gelatin. The light Sauvignon Blanc Rincones Wine from Chile had a fruitiness that paired well with the appetizer. Roberto discussed the details about the preparation of the False Ravioli and the qualities of the Chilean wine which he called “aromatic, soft and sensual.”

I have tasted salmon prepared in many ways but Chef Roberto was so creative for the second course, his Salmon Tart combined the flavors of chopped salmon, green Chile, onions, cilantro, lemon and Tajin, a tangy spicy seasoning.  

The seasoning awakened the salmon without overpowering its flavor. The tart was so tasteful I would have enjoyed it as an entrée. 

Steak & Coconut Shrimp!

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Sommelier Roberto chose chardonnay Semillon Casa Madero Wine from Mexico.  Roberto explained, "This wine is famous for its blends of two wines Chardonnay and Semillion."

When the third course arrived, even the sorbet was special! The sorbet had the tastes of passion fruit, lemon, tangerine and Slow Gin.

The fourth course, the entr'e, combined delicacies from the surf and turf with Coconut Shrimp, Medallions of Beef, mashed potatoes, mango sauce, asparagus and chorizo. I love Coconut Shrimp and this one was really a jumbo- sized shrimp (U-15) standing up on the plate! The chef prepared the shrimp without a shell which was much better and we didn't have to take time to peel it.  The shrimp was deep fried with plenty of coconut ready to dip into their famous luscious mango sauce. Sommelier Roberto commented, "If you want sauce you need to come to Puerto Vallarta!"

The duo also included a very tender filet mignon prepared with a little wine which makes the difference. The wine pairing featured Cal y Canto Wine from Spain, a blend of three wines- Tempranillo, Merlot, and Syrah. 

All of their food looked like art, beautiful to see and great to eat! For the fifth course finale, Bakery Chef Raul Palamaras created a culinary tree with branches holding several different Ceciliana Casatta Cake and Buganvilia Cake treats on each. You could eat the whole thing!  It was good that I only ate breakfast that day.

The Sheraton Buganvilias Resort is located on Hotel Row, with a beach right on Bandaras Bay, just walking distance to historic Downtown, Puerto Vallarta. For information, call  (877)-743-7282.


Located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, where Jalisco and Nayarit meet, Puerto Vallarta lays in the heart of Banderas Bay and offers the best of two worlds: tradition and vanguard, making Vallarta a window to the world.

Puerto Vallarta has received many global accolades that are a testament to the uniqueness and warmth of the city. The destination has been voted the friendliest city in the world by Cond' Nast Magazine (2003),  the best place to retire globally by The American Association of Retired Persons (2010) and the best Mexican Vacation Destination by (2010), beating Canc'n and Los Cabos for the top prize.

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