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California Wild Animal Tours

December 7th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Seeing all of the wild animals at Safari West is very exciting but you should take time-out to dine at their restaurant. 

Mark De Witt, Restaurant Manager, feels, “We have the only restaurant in Sonoma County without any wall paper you can just look out at 180 flamingos, 13 giraffes, and other wildlife.”

What a wonderful outdoor setting! Dine outside with nature all around you or in the dining room.

With a change of menus every day, their African dinners include an all-you-can-eat gourmet salad buffet, several BBQ entrées, vegetables, potatoes, rice and desserts.

The family-style 12’ long tables allows you to meet people and get together, for families and friends just like in the luxury tent camps in Africa.

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My Safari flank steak was very tender and the tangy BBQ sauce really added a lot of flavor to the dish. I also enjoyed the Mediterranean- inspired Moroccan chicken with their original creation of spiced mango chutney. Even the salad was special! They served a very tasty tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Brownies topped with blueberry puree and whipped cream, apple pie and cookies completed the dinner.

Chef Robert Clifton, the Head Chef, was standing at their grill preparing the evening's meals. He explained, "We grill the beef, pork, steaks, ribs and vegetables. Our meals are home-style, like your mother would make. This 6' grill rotates up and down with the capacity to serve from 200 to 300 people is great for a party, wedding or event."   

If anyone requires a special gluten, health diet, or dairy-free diet, Chef Robert will prepare a special plate for them. 

Try the 2-1/2 hour Safari tour, the shorter 45 minute behind the scenes tour, or the fast cat alley cheetah tours. For information, call (707)-579-2551.


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Breaching whales, spinning dolphins, and diving seabirds: you never know what amazing things you'll see when you go whale-watching. With expert guides and a fast, stable, and tall vessel providing excellent vantage points.

Cruises offer a unique chance to experience the world of whales. Finding adult California gray whales and the calve is the main focus of the 3 1/2-hour voyage, but  keep you eyes peeled for other species, including blue, finback, humpback, and Minke whales, and beautiful orcas.

Prime season for gray whales is December into early April.

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