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Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features the Duke of Fremont Street




Exciting Sculptures from around the world!

January 12th, 2012 • by Sandy Zimmerman
The Arch

Maker of Peace

Three Sisters Fountain

Fontana Monolithica



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Exciting Sculptures from around the World!

                (Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)












Adding to the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, the memories of their trips around the world were preserved by bringing back some of the most exciting sculptures.

Beginning at the entrance to the property and throughout their entire eight acre estate, the collection includes 60 significant sculptures along with many other beautiful pieces of art.

Most properties have gates but since this is a private road they don't need a gate, just something to signify 'you are entering the Estate'. Frank Clemente, a landscape designer/architect, created a 20' sculpture, everything is different once you cross this invisible line." 

That does identify the meaning and spirituality of their estate. And there does seem to be an aura of tranquility here in this wondrous setting to free you from the stresses in the world.

My favorite is the Fontana Monolithica, across from their main house. Although the fountains were built in stages, they appear to be one piece. Fate seemed to have a hand in this remarkable water feature. While the main house was being built, two huge 10-12' high boulders were left from the excavation and Jerry told the contractor to use them. This amazing fountain was created with four pools cascading down the small slope with the boulders majestically standing above. The sprinklers sprayed water on the rocks changing their colors. One fountain pool runs into an underground tunnel, the next runs through a waterfall and the other into a tube to reach the fourth pool. The fountain's four pools cascade down between the two boulders. Later Roxanne bought the large Buddha head (Piedro Resta) which seemed as though it was meant to be placed on top of the fountains.

Just north of the main house, the colorful "Arch" sculpture (Piedro Resta) is in the forest surrounded by trees, standing like an open door welcoming everyone to enter Roxanne and Jerry's B. B. Q. party area. 

On the recreation deck directly in front of the Foley's infinity pool there is a view of an amazing sculpture, their 18' tall "Maker of Peace" (Bill Worrell), 100 yards away in the middle of the forest. There are trails leading up to see it closer in all of its grandeur.

Like the Buddhas and other symbols of ancient times in the temples of China, Thailand and other Asian countries, the Foley's large 8' high Buddha stands in front of the guest house seemingly on its own private patio. Close to the entrance is an 8' high solid marble Kuan Yin Fountain at the entrance.