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Interviews along the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards-#1

March 4th, 2012 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Emmy® and Tony award® winner, Golden Globe® nominee Hal Linden

Comedian Marty Ingels allowed Sandy to hold his wife Shirley Jones' Oscar! (Photo by Jerry O'Neal)

(Sandy’s gown by E! Live at the

Red Carpet by Designer Adrianna

Papell at Dillards.)

Kevin Burke stars in Defending the Caveman (Harrahs) & Fitz of Laughter (Fitzgerald)

Daniel Puder-WWE Armagddon & Smackdown

Sandy Zimmerman is a syndicated Show/Film & Dining Reviewer, Travel Writer, Photographer, and Talk Show Host of the Las Vegas Today Show programs and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials.

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Interviews along the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards-#1-


















By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

I interviewed celebrities along the Red Carpet at the 84th Academy Awards Oscar  Night, Las Vegas-Style. Officially sanctioned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Academy Award's attendees included dozens of film and television celebrities, Las Vegas strip headliners, supermodels, sponsors and a few professional wrestlers. Every five minutes each of the celebrities were brought by limousines to the Palms Hotel and escorted to the Red Carpet in the lobby of the Brenden Theaters. The Red Carpet activities included a stop for cocktails then right to the interviews with the press.

Emmy and Tony award winner, Golden Globe nominee Hal Linden was in a jovial mood when he joined me for his interview. Hal explained, "I have been in show business in one form or another as a musician and actor for 65 years. I started in Utero."

Just to clarify, I repeated, "In Utero means in the womb?" Hal answered, "Yes".

Hal favored "The Help" but was not a fan of "The Artist" for the Best Picture award. He recalled, "The Artist" was the true story of John Gilbert, a big silent movie star who couldn't make the transition to talkies because of a high speaking voice."

I compared "The Artist" to the classic film "Singing in the Rain" with Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly. "The Artist" is the first silent film winner since the World War I film "Wings" was named outstanding picture at the first Oscars" in 1929 had a silent film earned the top prize.

Hal felt, "The Help" made some good points and Viola Davis was terrific. I remember Viola in "Doubt" and am rooting for her."

Oscar winner Shirley Jones arrived with her husband Marty Ingels as he playfully waved her Oscar around. I had the thrill of holding Shirley's Oscar after our interview and felt like saying, "I want to thank the Academy, my producer, and..."

Star of "Defending the Caveman" (Harrahs) and "Fitz of Laughter" (Fitzgerald) Kevin Burke began his interview, "I don't mean to brag, but yes, I do. I am so hot in this industry that I set the fire alarm off. I'm the only performer in Las Vegas history to do two completely different solo shows every day."

Really Kevin is so shy he has to get more confidence in himself! I guess he doesn't know that Rick Faugno, the star of "Jersey Boys" also performs a solo musical show once a week."

Kevin thought about a time he may forget where he was one day, "What show is this? Where am I? What time is it? When do I go home?"

He felt, The Oscar for the Best Film should go to "The Artist" and a stunned Hollywood audience would stand up and cheer for a film nobody saw."

Daniel Puder, professional wrestler, would make a perfect bodyguard. He fought in WWE Armagddon & Smackdown as well as in professional fighting. Daniel feels, "I know how to kick, punch, knee, elbow, break arms, and choke. It has been a great fun career!"

Proceeds from the Academy Awards benefit Variety, the Children's Charity of Southern Nevada, dedicated to providing services for children with special needs in the Las Vegas community since 1950. For information, call 383-8466.

Sandy Zimmerman's

Hair Style by Juan Mejia &

Make-Up by Alana Kelly at CrIstophe Salon;

(Continued-See Article #2-)