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MORE Academy Awards Oscar Night-#2

March 5th, 2012 • by Sandy Zimmerman


Marty Ingels, Sandy and Academy Award winner/Emmy and Golden Globe Nominee Shirley Jones (Photo by Jerry O'Neal)



(Sandy’s gown by E! Live from the Red

Carpet Designer Adrianna Papell from

Dillards- Photos Above and below.)   



America's Got Talent Murray SawChuck, Sandy and Friend (Photo by Jerry O'Neal)


Marc Savard, Comedy Hypnotist (V Theater, Planet Hollywood)

 The proceeds of Oscar Night® in Las Vegas support Variety, the Children’s Charity of Southern Nevada, which has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for special needs children since 1950.       

Sandy Zimmerman is a syndicated Show/Movie & Dining Reviewer, Travel Writer, and talk show host of the Las Vegas Today Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials.    


Recycled Percussion (Tropicana)


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MORE Celebrities Interviews-Academy Awards Oscar Night-#2-























By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated)     

The excitement began as the celebrities arrived at the Academy Award Oscar Night Red Carpet, inside the Palms Hotel.

Oscar winner, Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Shirley Jones looked beautiful as she joined me for an interview.  Known for her role in the Partridge family for five years and appearing in over 30 motion pictures, Shirley is celebrating 55 years in show biz. She won the Academy Award as Best Actress in a Supporting Role for "Elmer Gantry"  (1961). Shirley was the 2012 Variety Gold Heart Award Honoree this evening.

Shirley Jones had several favorites films, "I loved  "The Artist". "The Descendents" was George Clooney's best film. George is a wonderful actor but this was his biggest stretch. Those films were incredible and I also loved the scenery and of course the horses in "War Horse".

During my interview with Shirley Jones, comedian Marty Ingels, her husband, was dancing with Shirley's Oscar" then rubbed his body against her back. Marty continued to joke while I interviewed him, "I have been in a lot of films that you have completely forgotten. What other business are you going to be in next week? Tonight we think it is going to be a sweep. Do you know what a sweep is? One person gets everything. As old as we are we are voting for Joan Fontaine and Betty Davis. We're convinced they are going to win." Marty seems to be lost in a different era!

It was great seeing "America's Got Talent" finalist Murray SawChuck again. Murray travels around the world and always comes back to his Las Vegas home. He is scheduled to perform 28 shows in one week at the Magic Castle, in Los Angeles then return to Las Vegas to headline in the "Vegas Magic Theater" at the Gold Coast Hotel and he is traveling again. Murray will be continuing as the Magic Expert in more episodes of "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel. The only time Murray has a chance to see films are in a plane and hoped it would be George Clooney or Brad Pitt. With all of the daring illusions, I wondered if Murray had to bring a lot of baggage when he traveled. Murray answered, "I just have to take a lot of hair products!"  

I had to be careful interviewing Marc Savard, comedy hypnotist (V Theater inside Planet Hollywood), because I didn't want to be clucking like a chicken. Marc got into hypnosis by accident. He was curious to see how hypnosis worked and did a lot of reading. For 18 years he has been making people laugh.

Four members of the cast of "Recycled Percussion" (Tropicana) were in a happy mood for their interview. If you have some old pots and pans just give them to "Recycled Percussion", they will use anything to make music! The show is very high energy and has a spectacular Space Ship finale. They chose "Rain Man" as their favorite Academy Award nominated film. Nice guys, but they are in a world of their own!

(Continued- SEE Article #1-)

Sandy Zimmerman's

Hair Style by Juan Mejia

& Make-Up by Alana Kelly

at CrIstophe Salon!