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Hertz: Technological Advances in Car Rentals

April 6th, 2013 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Joseph Eckroth, Senior Vice President and CIO of Hertz Holdings & Hertz-


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Technological Advances in Car Rentals-














By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Hertz Corporation unless indicated.)

It's all about the customer experience and Hertz Rental Cars leads the way.

Joseph Eckroth, the Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Hertz Holdings and Hertz, explained, "The ExpressRent" Kiosk is an industry first and Hertz is the first car rental company to now offer both airport and neighborhood locations with a live face-to-face interactive kiosk.

When we use the technology and add the live person from a centralized call center, we have the best of both worlds. This semi-self-service technology offers a video agent to assist with dispensing the rental agreement, giving directions exactly where to go to get your car, and doing anything that a live person can do at an airport or off-airport location. This has helped to reduce line waits and is allowing us to expand the number of locations where you can get a Hertz car.

We can put the kiosks in hotels or in parking garages and that becomes a brand new Hertz location. Just think, we can put signs up at retail locations just down the street from you, so you can get a Hertz car by the hour, day, on demand whenever you want on your schedule.  

The live person takes the worry out of the transaction.

When you return the car there's the e-Return.  It is all about making it as fast and easy for you as a traveler to get on your way and keep moving.

We innovated the return in the rental car business where you can swipe your card, read your bar code and get a receipt.

Today that's not near fast enough for travelers; they don't want to wait on line. Travelers are anxious to get on their way so we came up with       e-Recipt, that's all about pull up, take your bags out and go.   

This is just the beginning. Finding ways to add to the experience and the value for renters never ends.

We have dedicated people who are continuously thinking how to make the rental experience that much better every time they get in one of our cars.

 How do we advance the use of the technology to give them more services and more ways to interact with us? This is just the tip of the iceberg.!


Mr. Eckroth has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Hertz Holdings and Hertz since June 2007 and Global Customer Care since April 2009.

Mr. Eckroth also oversees the Global Document Management function and Navigations Solutions business since December 2010 and serves as a member of the Board of Navigation Solutions L.L.C., which is the exclusive provider of the Hertz Neverlost units and related services.

Prior to joining Hertz Holdings and Hertz, Mr Eckroth served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of New Century Financial Corporation from January 2006 to June 2007.

He joined New Century Financial Corp. as Chief Information Officer in August 2005.

Previously, Mr. Eckroth served as the Chief Information Officer for Mattel, Inc. and Chief Information Officer for two of General Electric's business units, GE Medical Systems and GE Industrial Systems.

Award winning Sandy Zimmerman produces TV commercials and television programs.

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