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Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features the Duke of Fremont Street

Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-





Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-


The Most Unique Spa in Las Vegas!

November 4th, 2012 • by Sandy Zimmerman

A Harmony Nail Spa- Enchanted Rainforest setting Foot Massage with Pedicure Massage

I have visited many spas around the world as a travel writer but the most unique spa is right here in Las Vegas!

(Continued- Next Column to the RIGHT.)

Foot Massage with Pedicure


American Country Awards-2011

December 22nd, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Multi-Platinum winner/ Co-Host of the American Country Awards

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the red carpet and in the Garden Arena studio.)

I love attending the Academy Awards and all of the other major professional recognitions of excellence in their crafts.  This was my first time covering the American Country Awards as I went to interview the celebrities on the Red Carpet.  


Carrie Underwood, Artist of the Year-Female.


The excitement began as the celebrities arrived. Even though it was unusually cold this afternoon, the females walked the red carpet in their beautiful gowns along with the males in western attire.


Craig Campbell, ACA Performer, 3 time Nominee,

There were some new names in country music and many of countries’ superstars. Multi-platinum recording artist Trace Adkins, co-host with Tony award winner Kristin Chenoweth, admitted he had not followed instructions when he hosted last year’s ACA awards but now perhaps Kristin will keep him in line. During the duo’s hilarious scene, Kristin was hanging by her specially designed jeans which fit around both of them while Trace swung her back and forth. Trace’s well built body stands 6’6” with Kristin’s small 4’11” made this even wilder.


American Idol's Scotty McCreery, New Artist of the Year,

The audience enjoyed the featured performances by Alabama, Toby Keith, Eli Young Band, The Band Perry, Scotty McCreery, Pistol Annies, Blake Shelton, Thompson Square and Chris Young.    


Chris Young, Breakthrough Artist, Single of the Year Award


Magic with a French Twist

July 24th, 2011 • by admin

(Photo by Holden Jay)

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the live show except for two as indicated.)

French-born Stephane Vanel brought a different type of magic to the Paris Resort. Stephane’s “The Magic of Paris” show is a perfect match, oh, la, la, as French as they get!

Stephane’s smooth card manipulations were amazing. Some of his classic movements were mixed with new innovations while others were his own creations. Switching from cards to coins and balls, Stephane took slight-of-hand magic to another level.

Stephane’s White Box illusion finale deserves rave reviews. The White Box is small and narrow only big enough for his petite female assistant. Once she enters the box the audience only sees her hands continuously moving. After he keeps making the box smaller and smaller, the audience wonders, “What happened to the girl?” You really have to experience this illusion for yourself.

Even though I was photographing the show near the stage, I couldn’t see how he did it!

Besides making objects or people appear and disappear at will, Stephane’s dancing talents are also demonstrated in his very sensual, hot tango that would probably win on “Dancing with the Stars”.

(Photo by Holden Jay)

Although Stephane has appeared in several Las Vegas shows, this is his first time as headliner. His credits include a seven-year run in MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris, as well as appearances in “Crazy Girls” at the Riviera.  In France, Vanel gained fame hosting his own television series “Fun TV Magic” and soon became a worldwide success noted for his charm and magical skills.

But there is more than magic and illusions, you will be happy to see the show is also packed with a variety of acts-

Mark Kornhauser-

comedian Mark Kornhauser’s comedy, puppeteer Anthony Rais and a pair of beautiful female dancers.

A Healthy Restaurant with Delicious Food

November 28th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“A Healthy Restaurant with Delicious Food”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

The idea for Wendy Clark’s restaurant happened in Italy when fate changed his

life from doing business into a gourmet feast!

Wendy spent 30 years traveling

around Italy with two associates as a computer consultant for restaurant


He described their experience, “We ate our way through Italy tasting

all of their great food especially in Naples.”

They traveled from Naples to Venice, Rome, Pizza, Sicily, the Riviera, and

back to Naples.  What a life!!!

He explained, “Italy is a wonderful country, we had a lot of fun but also

learned from their famous chefs.

After spending hours and hours in different restaurants, the chefs came out

and dragged me into their kitchens to show me their cooking techniques.

We spent countless hours and days working with

these chefs




along with



of quality


and patience.

In Italy,

their work

hours are


than ours.

Most homes have small refrigerators that are only three cubic feet and

restaurants have very small refrigerators so everything is fresh.

They go to the grocery, work, have a little siesta and work again from 5-8 pm.

The Italians work long hours, live well and enjoy life.

I always liked the way the Neapolitan pizza tasted.

It had a bubbly crust and

was prepared with a lot of garlic.

The distinct taste and the freshness of the ingredients made the pizza stand

out from the other sections of Italy.”

With all of their knowledge accumulated while living in Italy, the three men

opened two restaurants- “Brothers Italian Bistro” here in Las Vegas.

Although they were not brothers, their strong friendship created a bond like

being brothers.

This is one of

the few “HEALTHY


in Las

Vegas, Brothers

offers great tasting

Italian meals that

are specially

prepared with the

diner’s health in mind.

So many people hesitate going out to eat because of their

diets or health problems. Wendy suffered a major heart attack, called the

Widow Maker, four years ago and follows a strict diet.

The Ancient Abhyanga Oil Therapy

November 28th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

The Ancient Abhyanga Oil Therapy

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by MAHC unless indicated.)

Visiting the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center was truly an

unforgettable experience of everything from their spa

treatments, the food we ate, and their eastern philosophy of life!

After reviewing

spas around

the world for

over 25 years,

I suddenly was in the

world of India’s

5,000 year old

classical Ayurvedic

treatments, and best of all,

I did not have to leave

the United States.

The entire Maharishi

Ayurvedic experience was planned to relax,

rejuvenate, and refresh their clients.

I was surprised to see two technicians (therapists) waiting for me

in the treatment room, not just one as in most of the other health

centers.  One professionally skilled technician could create a

feeling of serenity but two, at the same time, are the height of

luxurious indulgence.

I wondered about




oil therapy

treatment the









for me.

He composed the exact formula blend of massage oils

specifically for each client.

These massage oils are composed of carefully chosen organic

herbs, sesame seeds, or other natural ingredients all prepared in

their Oil Kitchen.

Gentle is the word for their treatments!

These are not the usual probing, kneading, intrusive massage.

Just before the treatment, they warm the massage oil to body

temperature in a pan over low heat.

This allows the oil to become more liquid and be able to penetrate

into the skin while the effect continues for hours.

It is important that the oil is not overheated.

First I sat in a chair with my feet on a

warm towel heated by a hot water bag.

The warm massage oil felt soothing as one technician

gently rubbed the oil into my head, then they both

massaged my face, ears, and neck.





Las Vegas Tenors: Beyond Expectations

November 25th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“The Las Vegas Tenors: Beyond Expectations”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the show.)

Most people have heard of The Three Tenors, the operatic greats

Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Jose Carreras then there

are many groups calling themselves by variations of the name

“Tenors”.  Walking into the Suncoast Hotel’s new showroom, of

course I knew The Las Vegas Tenors would sing arias from some of

the famous operas but there was so much more.

How can you please audiences filled with people who have

different musical tastes?

The Las Vegas Tenors created the perfect

formula.  Their extensive repertory is surprisingly all-embracing

several styles of music with something for everyone. 

It is a


of the

best music

from the past

and present.


three tenors


“We love music

and more than


music is

our passion.

It is what we do and the Suncoast is a great place

to do it.

We sing a lot of different styles of music

because we know we cannot come here and just do all classical or

all Broadway and make everyone happy.

We cannot do jazz and swing all night and make everyone happy.

We cannot come out here and do rap and make anybody happy.

Each of the Las Vegas Tenors have their own style and combined

they work well together.

Bill Fayne was a classically trained singer who loves Opera and


Bobby Black leaned toward Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, and R&B as wel

l as the classics.

Teddy Davey had experience in the theater singing pop and

classical Italian songs.

With their dramatic opening of Giuseppe Verdi’s “La Donna e

Mobile”, from Rigoletto, the Las Vegas Tenors showed their wide

vocal range and immediately made fans of the audience.

The men alternated their numbers with quick switches from one

musical style to another.

Their Broadway segment featured Les Miserable’s stirring “Bring

Him Home”, and then composer Stephen Sondheim’s music from

the “Demon Barber of Fleet Street” was a great change of pace.

They joked that it was a lively family musical almost like opera.

Bill Fayne felt, “My Boy Bill”, from Carousel, was one of the most

important songs in musical history.”

Billy Bigalow, a carousel barker, was told he is going to have a baby

and didn’t know how to handle the news.

It was sung with emotion because this was a changing

point in his life.

During one stand-out number, the overture from the 1950 “Guys

and Dolls”, -“Horse Right Here”, each man took turns to interpret

the song.

The trio also sang a sequence of what they called “Popera”, the

blending of the styles of classical music and opera with “pop” or

popular music to make it more contemporary.

It becomes a classical-crossover sound.

The Suncoast always offers great entertainment.

Try their Lounge’s great new dance floor, for live entertainment


For information about the Suncoast Hotel’s great entertainment schedule, call 636-7111.  The Suncoast Hotel is located at 9090 Alta Drive.

Striptease-The Show

November 25th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“SHOW REVIEW: Striptease- The Show”

By Sandy Zimmerman

Packed with a breathtaking display of primal movements,

Striptease The Show, presents the art of striptease the way it was

meant to be seen.

Just let your senses reel as you are part of the fantasy!

These four gorgeous ladies- Aspen Reign, Tali De’Mar, Taya Parker,

and Jenny Romas, each have their own unique styles and original

choreographed numbers to thrill audiences.

They performed with the finesse and grace of divas.

Striptease is an ancient art which has grown through the ages.

For the first time in one show, you will see provocative numbers

from several striptease genres of the different styles of the 20’s,

30’s, 40’s, and today.

This is not like any striptease show you have ever seen because

there are four headliners instead of just one and they each are

exceptionally talented in the art of stripping.

There are no comedians, no specialty acts, only striptease!

Hosted by Taya Parker, winner of VH1’s Brett Michaels “Rock of

Love” and 2009 Penthouse Pet of the year, she portrays a Roman

Goddess arriving in a chariot to dance with the only man in the


You may have seen Jenny Romas on “America’s Got Talent”,

season four, when her act jumped up to the top 10.

In Striptease the Show, Jenny’s Jail scene was very emotional.

Later she danced around a pole then climbed up to the top and

spun around.

AYURVEDA-5,000 Year Old Health Treatments

November 21st, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Eastern method-Three Finger Pulse

Health Treatments from India

 By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated)

Instead of simply choosing one of 1,000’s of destinations for your

next getaway, why not stay at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health

Center for a vacation that could change your life!

This amazing health and wellness center is not like any other I

have ever seen in over 25 years of reviewing spas and wellness

centers.  Everything about the center is different.

They are the only health center in the United States that

specializes in the holistic Ayurveda approach to health and



Western doctors usually

treat medical problems after their patient’s are ill while

Maharishi Ayurveda seeks to balance the body and mind

naturally in order to prevent illness before

there are any symptoms.


In keeping with their philosophy, “Health Begins Within”,

Maharishi Ayurveda’s Vaidya (pronounced “Vigh-dyah”), an

eastern Ayurvedac physician, guides the program of spa health

treatments, meals, meditation, lectures,

and activities individually

created especially for each person.


As every new guest begins their health program by arranging a

consultation with the Vaidya, Vaidya Jagtdish Vaidya,

I entered his office.  He was dressed in traditional long white

Indian clothing. Soft spoken yet well respected in his field,

the Vaidya asked me questions which western doctors usually do

not discuss along with the typical information.

He wanted to know about my occupation, lifestyle, interests,

meals, health problems, where I was born, and more.

Vaidyas study the whole person and all aspects that

affect their life.


The Vaidya took my pulse with three fingers (Nadivigyan

technique), not to count the beats of the

heart as is the common practice in the west.

He felt the Vata, Pitta and Kapha pulse to identify any imbalances

or abnormal states in different parts of the human body.

This is more than just counting the beats.

They feel advance warning signs of medical problems can be

determined from the pulse.


Vaidya Jagtdish explains, “Every person is looking for longevity

and happiness.  Ayurveda means the knowledge and

science of life.


Eastern and Western doctors ultimately are all doing something

about life. We each follow our ancient or traditional knowledge

like custodians.”


In the environment of their beautiful historic hundred year old

mansion, the surrounding 200 acre forest

and friendly staff, you can relax and enjoy

the experience.

A One- Stop Pain Medical Center

November 13th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“A One Stop Pain Medical Center”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

I was impressed with the  Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical

Center because they have conducted extensive research about


Dr. Ho Dzung, MD, Anesthesiologist, explained,

“Our doctors help to create the path of a diagnoses,

to gather all of the information and confer with our

colleagues and specialists

in order to formulate a

care plan tailored for each patient.

We diagnose patients using imaging such as the

MRI, Cat Scan, and X-Rays all here at our medical center.

We like to utilize everything from conservative medical

management to minimally invasive procedures

and physical therapy.

I think the initial visit with a patient is most important.

The patient has been in pain for a little while,

or sometimes he/she spent years going from doctor to doctor

taking different medications.

Within the

half-hour to

forty-five minute

first initial


we try to develop a

rapport with patients

to understand their symptoms.

Pain can take a tole in a patient’s activities of daily living,

their personality and mood. Our doctors try to

tune into those issues and address all aspects

affecting the patient and not only treat the pain itself.

There are not too many pain symptoms that

we have not seen, the more common ones are

neck and back pain which count for three-fourths

of the patient’s visits.

These could be neck generated headaches, headaches, nerve

damage, symptoms from trauma, and much more.

We diagnose and treat all types of pain from head to toe with

simple joint injections, minimally invasive procedures,

to spinal cord stimulators and other more invasive therapies.

This is a multi-disciplinary institution.”

Many people have pains because they walked too much

or picked up a heavy object.

What are the tell tail warning signs that you should see a doctor?

Dr. Dzung recommends, “When a person begins to experience

pain and it doesn’t feel right.

Perhaps the stomach feels weird, the chest feels heavy,

or the person has trouble breathing.”

Dr. Dzung and I walked through their large medical, surgical,

and physical therapy facilities while he stopped

at times to see patients.

Later he dressed

in surgical scrubs with

a lead shield around him

and entered the

procedure room.

Dr. Dzung was

administering a right lumbar block as part of his diagnosis of  a

female patient who suffered from low back pain.

(Photos of the procedure are shown in this article.)

He felt this was a therapeutic tool to find the origin of her pain.

Mexican Cuisine the Way You Want It

November 13th, 2010 • by admin

4 Pound Chickens

“Mexican Cuisine  served just the Way You Want It”

By Sandy Zimmerman

People have been enjoying Frank & Fina’s Cocina for over 23 years.

Frank and Fina Pacheco are proud of their reputation for

delicious Mexican cuisine

Their special blend of spices and secret recipes make the dishes so tasty,

a bit different from the usual Mexican cuisine.

Frank and Fina Pacheco

Although the couple

would not tell me

all of the ingredients

in the marinades

and sauces,

I was thrilled with

the tantalizing


bold spices and creative mix of ingredients.

Frank feels, “We always serve meals that are consistent

in quality and taste.

This is very important because our customers

come back again and again.

During this uncertain economy, we give more to the public- good food at

reasonable prices so they always know it is going to be great.

One of their customer’s favorites, charbroiled chicken,

is served by the piece and as a meal.

This is a perfect selection for anyone on a diet

for health or to lose weight.

The large four-pound chicken is very

tender because it is marinated 3-4 hours before cooking.

I was surprised when they brought my shrimp fajitas because the platter did

not sizzle yet when I tasted my first bite of jumbo shrimp,

the sizzle was in the flavor.

It was such a big serving that two people could have eaten

the entree with so much on the platter,

This is one of the few restaurants where you will find

Sweet Potato Enchiladas.

Another interesting house specialty, chicken mole

enchiladas is topped with authentic Poblano brown mole

sauce, cheese and sour cream.

Try their Yucatan-style selections baked pork Cochinita

Pibil or the marinated Steak Uxmal topped with grilled

onions.  The cook marinates the meat for a few hours and

cooks slowly to hold in the juices.

Their Mexican sandwiches, Tortas, are filled with your

choice of steak, chicken, or pork.

The Most Unusual Show of the Year!

November 1st, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


“Jabbawockeez:  “The Most Unusual Show of the Year!”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Erik Kabik)

Even though we still have two more months to go,

I feel Jabbawockeez stands alone as

“The Most Unusual Show of the Year”!

Perhaps it is the infectious beat of their music,

the precision timing of their dancing, the

dazzling costumes, or for so many other reasons.

I feel their success is all these factors and more.

Jabbawockeez is a “Mind-Blowing Show!”

The announcer sets the mood for the show.

“Everything has a motion.

Have you ever seen the colors of sound,

the colors of the melody of birds?”

They feel the show gives sound a visual shape,

an audiovisual movement, a sight to sound.

The choreographer synchronized the production

with flashing colored lights jumping to the beat

of a variety of sounds while the dancers matched

the beats with their movements.

There was a frenzy of strange sounds as the beat

suddenly went wild.

Everything about Jabbawockeez is different.

Watch for the dancers when they made their entrances tumbling,

floor-walking on their back, jumping, and acrobatic techniques.

Each time I sit in the audience, I am amazed at the creativity

which went into their production.

Jabbawockeez is a show which you can be seen again and again.










The Defenders Packs a Wallop!

October 14th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

The attorneys and the stars (Left to Right: Marc Seggese-attorney, Jim Belushi, Michael Cristalli-attorney, and Jerry O’Connell) (PHOTO: CBS)

“The Defenders Packs a Wallop”

by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)


Attorneys Michael Cristalli and Marc Saggese (PHOTO: CBS)

I am a fan of “Law and Order” as well as many of the

other courtroom dramas, and

“The Defenders”


Yes, courtroom dramas can be hard hitting but “The Defenders” is

balanced with “a touch of feeling”.

Adding humor to the plot brings a very refreshing contrast to the

other court room dramas.

With most of the subject matter concentrating around the seamy

side of life, this is exactly what the story needs.

Another interesting “difference” is the two attorneys contrasting


Jim Belushi was believable as a “regular guy” drawn to victims

because he cares.

A more flamboyant character, Jerry O’Connell portrays a tough

defense attorney by day with romantic flings at night.

“The Defenders” take us on a roller coaster ride through the

courts to find justice in our flawed system.

Based on actual cases of Las Vegas attorneys Michael Cristalli and

Marc Saggese, “The Defenders” is already becoming a MUST SEE

television program.


Freddy Glusman, retired owner of Piero’s Italian Restaurant

I was invited to a

party for the


of CBS’s new prime


television program

“The Defenders”,

starring Jim Belushi


Jerry O’Connell,


Piero’s Italian


There is always a sense of excitement on the opening night of a

new television program.   After all of the rewriting, research and

filming, finally the time has come to see if the public likes their


Piero’s Monkey Bar was filled with hundreds of people waiting to

congratulate criminal

defense attorneys

Michael Cristalli and

Marc Saggese, the

attorneys whose

cases are portrayed on


Defenders” television


Throughout the years,

Michael and Marc have

gained a

reputation for their


in handling some of the toughest cases

in Las Vegas.

This was a special night for both of them.

Marc Saggese was beaming when we met.

He said, “I am really excited.

Entertainment as It Used to Be

September 30th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


Academy & Emmy Award winning Cloris Leachman

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos were shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the show except

Suncoast’s photos of the showroom.  )

Domenick Allen

I was invited to a


media preview of the

newly renovated

Suncoast Showroom


to see performances


some of the great

acts that are


to appear in October


the next few


The new showroom has a new theme,

“Entertainment as it used to be” as a reminder of the showrooms

when I began reviewing shows in 1978.

Their intimate 500 seat showroom has always been the perfect

place to see the stars with a lineup of over 550 artists

entertaining 65,000 guests each year since they opened ten years


One of the few of the newer showrooms in Las Vegas, the

Suncoast’s showroom is designed with levels so the audience can

see from every seat.

Las Vegas Tenors

“look” and “sound” will delight all of the senses.

Most important, the technical aspects of show biz

have been improved.


Kelly Clinton & Jubilee lead singer Molly

With state-of-the-art stage and dance floor

lighting to set the mood, superior sound quality, and

a 12,000 lumen video projector and 17’ diagonal screen, the

audience’s experience will be memorable.

It’s All About Lobsters!

September 26th, 2010 • by admin

Executive Chef Kikko Ojeda is inside the lobster cold room

“It’s All About Lobsters!”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

I was happy to have a chance to return to the Palm Restaurant

and see Larry Close, the General Manager.

FOUR Pound Lobsters

now we will be discussing lobsters, lobsters and lobster specials.

There are so many recipes with lobster in soups, pastas, salads,

and other dishes, but why fool around with just pieces of lobster

when you can have

the whole lobster at a

really reasonable


Larry explained,

“The Palm Restaurant

started serving large

lobsters, crustaceans,

back in the 1950’s and

has continued serving them ever since.

Our staff does an awesome job!

We sell anywhere

from 50 to 75,


lobsters a day.

They are flown in

fresh from Nova

Scotia, Canada, on a

daily basis.

Nova Scotia lobsters

have a very

hard shell and the

harder the shell,

the better the meat.

Right now we have

extended our 4 pound lobster dinner for two

people for $89.95 good through September.”

Yes, FOUR pounds of the finest,

tastiest lobster split into two

pound halves for two

people to enjoy.

You will not find lobsters

that large at that price!

The dinners also come

with mixed green

or Caesars salad and one

signature side dish.

It is a really BIG


And they have a second

lobster special $49.95 per person for a

FOUR course Surf and Turf dinner (good until November 30).

Larry suggests,

“If you are

a lobster tail man,

order the female

lobster and if you are

partial to lobster claws

the male lobster is

for you.

The males have the larger claws and smaller body.”

he Executive Chef, Kikko Ojeda showed us how to

tell male and female lobsters apart and the staff are

happy to demonstrate this for all of their guests.

Dining at the Palm Restaurant became a memorable

experience when we were invited into their kitchen to see all of the

steps in preparing a lobster dinner.




Vintage Las Vegas Supper Club

September 25th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Vintage Las Vegas Supper Club”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman)

I have always enjoyed seeing Wes Winters from the first time at

the Suncoast Showroom


his Tribute to Liberace

show, during brunch at the Envy

Restaurant, and now opening at

Wes Winters’ 88 Key Supper Club

in Sam’s Town.



We spoke before his show, “I take requests.

I want people to dance so I do a lot of dance music of the 40’s, 50’s

and 60’s, and some Liberace music.

I brought my 9’

concert Tuxedo


piano here for the




There is only one like it, I have to quote

Liberace, ‘And I’ve got it.’ ” He did a quick impression of Liberace.

That is quite a piano decorated with mirrors, crystals

and trimmed with chrome.  “I am very proud of the piano, it

sounds beautiful.”

Wes always performs

Liberace’s favorites

but there is more.

He says, “I play


Wes includes Frank


Sinatra, Dean Martin, and will play anything

anybody wants to hear.

He showed his exceptional abilities at the

piano, along with complex numbers we were treated to “I’ve got

You Under My Skin”, “It’s Now or Never”, “Dream Lover”, “It Had

to be You”, “All the Way”, “Unforgettable”, “What a Wonderful

World”, “Pretty Woman”, “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head”, and

many more.

The 88 Key Club is modeled after the supper clubs reminiscent of

old Las Vegas with great entertainment, delicious food, and

dancing, all at NO COVER, NO MINIMUM.

Wes stands out in his flashy sparkling clothes, attractive versions

of the styles Liberace would have liked.  He announced, “We are

going to eat, dance, party and have a good time.”

Leo Kessler

Everyone is excited about Wes’ new supper club.  I had the

chance to interview Leo Kessler, Regional Director of Food &

Beverage for Sam’s Town, the Eldorado and Joker’s Wild. He feels,

“Wes is absolutely amazing because he brings so much life,

something new to the hotel.

We are always searching for things for people to


He is a wonderful artist, I have met many artists in my life

and he is such a charm to work with.

We love him here.

Our concept is to be consistently good, friendly, and build

relations.  It is all part of the Boyd culture of relationship

building, providing good service and a good product.”

Mini-Treatments provide Mega Rewards

September 23rd, 2010 • by admin

“Mini-Treatments provide Mega Rewards”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

I went to a party at the Spa in the Monte Carlo Hotel and was

invited to indulge in a massage and facial to try their new product

line!  That is the kind of party I like.

It is wonderful how a massage or treatment can make you feel.

I tried Cures by Avance before at another spa and now they are

here at the Monte Carlo.

Sarah Glass, Spa Director, & Dee DeLuca-Mattos, VP Cures by Avance


Sarah Glass, Monte

Carlo Spa Director, gave

her reasons for

choosing Cures by


 Avance, “We wanted to make sure the products were designed for

the specific needs of our guests.

They were personalized and fitting for every treatment we offer

when we decided to go with the line.

Dee DeLuca-Mattos, Vice President of Cures by Avance, feels,

“That is very important for us because our concept always

remains the same.

We focus on creating curative and corrective therapies that really

work on skin conditions, however every spa has their own

unique factors and the

beauty about the Monte

Carlo, they are

smaller, but their unique

factor is that they really

focus on


The treatments are result oriented.

The line is versatile and we can use it in different ways.

We focus on results.”

I had the Reboot Facial, just like we have to reboot my computer.

Dee answered, “Sometimes our body and face gets sluggish, these

are the type of treatments that reboot us and make us look

fresher and more revived.”

I needed a reboot with my busy schedule.

The therapist used Vitamin C.

I know it is good because we drink it in orange juice and take

Vitamin C pills.

You use it in your product.

Dee gave some background, “Vitamin C is an anti oxidant.

The environment and everything around us creates free radicals

which slow down the regeneration and renewal process.

When we use Vitamin C, this helps to regenerate the cells at a

much faster rate.  

Wine Tasting, Dining and Sport’s Parties

September 22nd, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Wine Tasting, Dining and Sport’s Parties”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Schedule of Events

Join the Wine


every Friday, 


and Sunday,

at CR Buns

Bar and Grill.

Their special

Wine Tasting is

only $20 for 3 flights.

The Worldly

Whites flight (5 oz. pour),

Pinot noir flight (5 oz. Pour),

and Flight

of Five (3 oz. pour) includes wines from New Zealand, France,

California, Oregon, with weekly changes.

They stock 52 different wines.

You can hang out and enjoy a live band on Fridays and Saturdays, from 8-11 pm,


Don’t miss the big sport’s  Parties at CR Buns with champagne, giveaways, fun,

and an NFL brunch.


Rich Hogan, the owner/manager is eager to please his customers,

“I have created dishes for everyone whether they are seeking a reasonable

dinner or want to splurge.

Our pricing is very important.

The prices are low enough that you would want to come back because it meets your budget.

I challenge anybody to find any restaurant that has better pricing

than mine.”

The portions are really large! The chef marinates the chicken 24

hours to bring out the burst of flavor.

Their 12 ounce

chicken is served not only as a sandwich but several ways.

You can also try one of the surf and turf dinners with interesting

ways to mix the two.

Choose steak and chicken, chicken and fish, or steak and fish.

This comes with sirloin, teriyaki, ribeye, or filet mignon.

The fish selections are flavored shrimp, salmon, twin lobster tails, or one pound king crab legs.

Even the chicken is exciting prepared in Italian, Teriyaki, Teri-bleu, or Hibachi-style.

Rich likes to use cranberries in several of his dishes.

“When we put cranberries in a salad, burger, sandwich, or other dish,

they give it that deep taste that really makes the food enticing.

I usually add blue cheese crumbles to everything that is

supposed to have cheese.

And for that really big guy who is hungry, for $1 you can add another patty and have

double cheese burger that is a half a pound of meat.

It is a lot of food with everything.

Since the restaurant is separate from the bar, families can bring their kids.

The Kid’s Menu includes hot dogs, chicken strips, and many other items.

The Man with the Midas Touch with Hair

September 20th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

KIM VO, Colorist and Stylist to the Stars (Photo: PR)

“The Man with the Midas touch with Hair”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

There is a difference in


hair and the difference is


He is similar to an artist

with a paint brush, only

Kim uses his

brush to create a color


with vibrant colors on his

client’s hair.

The famous Hair Stylist of the Stars, Master Colorist Kim Vo

spends time between his four salons in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills,

Laguna Beach, and San Francisco.

I was thrilled to meet him at the Mirage Resort, in Las Vegas and

asked, “What factors are important when you decide which hair

color to use?”  Kim answered, “The difference between a $35 hair

color and a hundred and fifty dollar color is looking at the hues of

the skin, the eye color and the flex of the eye to see how light will

affect them.

The term Makeover is the perfect way to describe Kim’s coloring

style.  I think that is why he is different from all of the thousands

and thousands of other colorists.  Kim feels, “That is one of the

reasons, the other reason is I am an approachable person, people

can talk to me about what they really want in their hair and their

look.  I can give it to them without attitude.

I have done Makeovers and Extreme Makeovers for several years

now.  When I do a Makeover, some people ask for the fantasy

color they always wanted, but have a hard time communicating it

to their stylist, so when they say, ‘I want a Makeover’, I ask, Do

Sandy Zimmerman AFTER her Extreme Makeover

Sandy, your Makeover was a shout!  I also wanted to match the

golden highlights to the flex of your eyes.”

And my hair did change from a whisper of dull reds and dreary

yellows to a shout of vivid golden highlights and a glowing

toasted pecan color.  I realize my red hair was too dark before and

now the combination of new colors brings more light to my face.

I could hardly believe the effect of hair color in the way a person


The Platters

September 9th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman
Monroe Powell-The Platters-

“A Nostalgic Evening”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the show.)

Don Gloude

It is always a


evening when

I see the

Platters with


Powell, one of the


of the originals left

from the early


of the award winning


With over 100 million records sold and many awards, the Platters

music is still loved today. Monroe’s golden voice was recognized

early in

Kenni Jaye


50’s when


joined the


Later Monroe


with the



in the 60’s

until he

found a

musical home as lead singer with Buck Ram’s Platters in

the 70’s.

I saw the Platters when I began my career as an entertainment

reviewer in Las Vegas, in 1978, during their glory days and

tonight was just as exciting!

Monroe Powell & Ines Zak

Of course we heard their hits yet there was also a mix of other

numbers- “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”, “Magic Touch”, Twilight

Time”, “Only You”, “Harbor Lights”, “One in a Million”, “You’ll

Never Know”, “Ebb Tide”, Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain on my

Parade”, and many more.

Each member of the quartet performed their own solos allowing

the audience to appreciate their individual talents.

The man who really knows the Platters songs, Monroe Powell’s

voice has kept its vibrant tones while he can still hit the high

notes after all these years!

Mexican songstress Ines Zak added her own touch to the show

with a lively Latino number then switched to a stirring tribute to

Lena Horne singing “Stormy Weather”.

The Platters had the perfect blend of voices with great vocals by

baritone Don Gloude and Kenni Jaye.

The audience even had a

chance to stand up and

dance to Chubby

Checker’s Twist.

When a group recreates

the mood so well, we can

close our eyes

and be back in the past.

Westin’s Unique Spa Treatments

September 9th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Westin Casuarina Hotel-Hibiscus Spa-Entrance-(Photo-Westin)

Westin’s Unique Spa Treatments

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated)

Imagine indulging in the most luxurious spa treatments at

the Westin Casuarina Hotel’s Hibiscus Spa!

I was anxious to try the Hibiscus Spa’s 80 minute Paradise

Hydration Wrap because it is not only a wrap, but an elaborate,

AWESOME three treatments in one.  I entered the Vichy wet

treatment room to

lie down on a

special wet

massage bed with


individual shower

heads above me.

First Steve, the

Massage Therapist,

asked which scents

I wanted for each of my three treatments.

You can choose one-two- or- all-three.

These were the wonderful Fiji Island’s pure tropical

lotions and botanicals to heighten the pleasure of their

treatments.  I chose warm herbal coconut oil for the body

treatment, pineapple for the facial and star fruit for my hair.

During the full body sugar scrub, I noticed that it was not harsh

like some of the salt scrubs and it absorbed well into the body.

Now the time finally arrived for the Vichy Shower.  Having the

gentle touch of all of these six showers across my body from all

angles at the same time was invigorating.   It was similar to sitting

under a calm waterfall.

After 20-25 minutes of pure paradise in the Vichy wet treatment

Room, that must be why they call this treatment the Paradise

Hydration Wrap, I was brought to a traditional massage room for

the rest of the treatment.  Steve rubbed the hydrating oil in while

massaging the scalp.

He wrapped my head in a warm towel, shower cap and another

towel keeping the heat inside to absorb into the scalp and hair.

Body butter was applied before the wrap. I have experienced

many body wraps that are too tight and uncomfortable but this

one was different, all Steve needed was a loose wrap to hold in the

heat.  While we were waiting, he applied the scented oil and

massaged my face with cool stones.  Usually Spas use hot stones

but this was a perfect cool feeling on the face and the way Steve

moved them I could not even tell they were stones.  In fact, male

massage therapists usually have a heavy hand but Steve kept the

pressure of the massage and treatments at a comfortable level.

The Paradise Hydration Scrub is a treatment from head to toe.

Massages and treatments make you feel good but there are also

health benefits as Steve explains, “The Paradise Hydration Wrap

is healthy because it rehydrates the body and skin, moisturizes

your hair and scalp, improves circulation in your face, and is very relaxing.

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The James Bond Wine Table

May 15th, 2010 • by admin
When you visit Del Friscos, do not miss seeing the most amazing $1.2 million dollar James Bond table. Looking like a normal table at first, Jacque touched her remote control pad and the table suddenly opened to present the James Bond OO7 Films Wine Collection. Eighteen magnums of Cabernet wine from Napa Valley wineries each represent different Bond films. These one- of-a kind bottles are each laser-edged.

Information & Reservations
Telephone: 796-0063.
Address: 3925 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 5-10:30 pm; Sun. 5-10 pm